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GynoCart™ is a breakthrough device that is specifically designed for bedside examinations of hospitalized patients and emergency room visitors.

GynoCart™ enables a physician to perform an optimal bedside gynecologic urologic or proctoscopic exam on any hospitalized patient.  The device wheels up to the foot of a hospital bed or emergency room  stretcher.  The patient moves to the foot of the bed and places her feet on the GynoCart™ stirrup assembly.  GynoCart™ comes fully equipped with a powerful light source and stool. There are many storage compartments for supplies needed during gynecological, urological or proctoscopic exams (supplies are not provided with GynoCart™ but are placed there by the individual users).  With GynoCart™ in place, any medical professional can now perform an optimal bedside exam with the comfort and ease typical of a full gynecologic exam table.

GynoCart™ helps you save Time, Money, and Reduce Risk.


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Advantages of GynoCart™

  1. Optimal comfortable examination capability of the genital tract. May also be used for urologic and proctologic examination. 

  2. No further need for transferring patients to a hospital exam room which may not be well stocked

  3. No risk of hospitalized patients falling during transfers from their hospital bed to a stretcher while being transported to an exam room.

  4. GynoCart™ is fully stocked at all times unlike hospital exam rooms where equipment is "borrowed" on a regular basis.

  5. In the emergency room, GynoCart™ converts any E.R. Stretcher into a gynecologic exam table, thereby significantly reducing long waits for the gyn exam room.

  6. E.R. patient satisfaction surveys will improve as patients no longer have a long wait for gynecologic exams.

  7. Significant cost savings to hospitals as nurses are no longer needed to transport patients, patient fall risk is reduced, exam rooms can now be used for some other purpose, and linens are not needed for exam rooms. 

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